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Review: The Girl From Summer Hill (A Summer Hill Novel) by Jude Deveraux



The Girl From Summer Hill
by Jude Deveraux
(A Summer Hill Novel)
May 3rd 2016 by Ballantine Books
384 Pages
ARC Copy (Net Galley)
THE GIRL FROM SUMMER HILL, the first novel of New York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux’s new series, is set against the backdrop of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. 
Enter Elizabeth Bennet. Chef Casey Reddick has had it up to here with men. When she arrives in the charming town of Summer Hill, Virginia, she leaves behind a demanding boss at a famous D.C. restaurant and a breakup with a boyfriend jealous of her success. Some peace and quiet on the picturesque Tattwell plantation is just what she needs to start fresh. But the tranquility is broken one misty morning when she sees a gorgeous naked man on the porch of her cottage.
Enter Mr. Darcy. What Tate Landers, Hollywood heartthrob and owner of Tattwell, doesn’t need on a bittersweet trip to his ancestral home is a woman spying on him from his guest cottage. Mistaking Casey for a reporter, Tate tries to run her out of her own house. His anger, which looks so good on the screen, makes a very bad first impression on Casey. Hollywood he may be, but he’s no sweetheart to Casey—and she lets him know it!

With more than sixty million copies of her books in print, Deveraux has captivated readers worldwide with her spirited characters, sizzling chemistry, and page turning storylines. In this new series, Deveraux outdoes herself by once again delivering yet another trademark spellbinding-love story.THE GIRL FROM SUMMER HILL (Ballantine Hardcover; On Sale 5/3) is guaranteed to win the hearts of old fans and new readers alike.




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There was a naked man on Casey’s back porch.  She would have called the police or, at the very least, screamed if he hadn’t been so damned beautiful.
Maybe it was pride, but all sense of fear vanished.  She put her shoulders back.  “i don’t know who you are but I want out of my house.  Now!”  She grabbed her phone.  “I think the sheriff would like to hear about a man stripping on my porch and tearing out my screen to get inside my house and threatening me.  Unless you want to be in handcuffs, I suggest you leave immediately.”
“Cook for Jack and me and when Nina and Emmie get here, add them to the list.  And play Elizabeth.  But only if you swear that you won’t look at me like I’m some chocolate statue you want to devour.”
He held out his hand, but before Casey could take it, he drew back.  “Better not risk it.  With our mutual thoughts, if we touch we might start a forest fire.  How would we explain that areson to the fire marshal?”


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I have been a fan of Jude Deveraux’s historical romances for a long time now.  A Knight in Shining Armor is my favorites of all time.  Besides her Nantucket Brides Series, The Girl From Summer Hill is the only contemporary romances I have read of hers.  With The Girl From Summer Hill, Jude takes a literary classic, and puts her on spin on it.  I don’t usually read books or watch movies that are a contemporary  version of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, but I decided to give Mrs Devereux’s a try.  


Casey Riddick is a chef, and a pretty good one too.  She came to Tattwell to relax, and get away from a failed relationship to man that couldn’t handle her success.  Instead of relaxing she ends up getting roped into helping Kit write a play for Jane Austen’s, Pride & Prejudice, then play the part of Elizabeth Bennett.  All the while cooking for the whole cast, crew, and it seems half of the town.


Tate Landers comes to Summer Hill to visit Tattwell, his mother’s childhood home.  The home that he finally was able to buy for her, but she passed away before she seen that happened.  He is also here to play Mr. Darcy in the fundraiser play for Summer Hill.  Tate Landers is a successful actor, and has made many a hearts flutter, with his dark good looks, and swoon worthy roles as a historical romance movies.  He is a little confused when Casey is not taken in with his charms., and he set out to prove to her that she has him all wrong.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘The Girl From Summer Hill’.  I liked Casey’s character, she was a delight to read, even though she was a little naive to Devlin Haines’ (Wickham in the play) tactics.  Tate Landers was the perfect gentlemen, uncle and friend.  I feel that Jude did a wonderful job in capturing the personality of ‘Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy’ in Casey and Tate.   In this story we get to see Kit again (he was in the Nantucket Brides series), and find out more about him.  There were a lot of characters introduced in this story, but there were many characters in Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.   The author did a great job in fleshing out Devlin Haines (Wickham), and making me dislike him.  He was a snake!


There was a lot going on in this book with the secondary characters, but I enjoyed that.  Without all of those other back stories going on this book would not have been as enjoyable.  I recommend this book to anyone that enjoys Pride and Prejudice modern retellings.  If enjoyed Jude Deveraux’s, Nantucket Brides trilogy, you are sure to enjoy this one too.   I received an eARC copy of this book from NetGalley on behalf of the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


Happy Reading!




Praise for Jude Deveraux

“Jude Deveraux is an amazing author and her Nantucket Brides series will sweep you away. A beautiful island, a sexy man and plenty of secrets—this is a wonderful writer at her best.”—Susan Mallery, New York Times bestselling author of Three Sisters

“A new Jude Deveraux novel means a very late night turning the pages straight through to the delicious end.” —Susan Elizabeth Phillips, New York Times bestselling author of The Great Escape

“Best-selling romance author Deveraux is at her spellbinding romantic finest.”

“Destined to be an instant romance classic . . . will haunt you long after you read it.”
—Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, on True Love



About Jude Deveraux
Jude Deveraux is the author of forty-three New York Times bestsellers, including For All Time, Moonlight in the Morning,and A Knight in Shining Armor. She was honored with a Romantic Times Pioneer Award in 2013 for her distinguished career. To date, there are more than sixty million copies of her books in print worldwide.


True Love by Jude Deveraux (Nantucket Brides Trilogy Book #1)

true loveTrue Love
(Nantucket Bride Series)
by Jude Deveraux
July 9, 2013
by Ballantine Books
464 Pages

Jude Deveraux, the “New York Times” bestselling author of unforgettable romance, returns with a breathtaking first book in a fantastic new series–the Nantucket Brides trilogy. Set on the magical Massachusetts island, “True Love” introduces characters from a new generation of Montgomery-Taggerts, the beloved family from Deveraux’s classic novels.

Just as Alix Madsen is finishing up architectural school, Adelaide Kingsley dies and wills her, for one year, the use of a charming nineteenth-century Nantucket house. The elderly woman’s relationship to the Madsen family is a mystery to the spirited Alix–fresh from a romantic breakup–but for reasons of her own Alix accepts the quirky bequest, in part because it gives her time to plan her best friend’s storybook wedding.

But unseen forces move behind the scenes, creaking Kingsley House’s ancient floorboards. It seems that Adelaide Kingsley had a rather specific task for Alix: to solve the strange disappearance of one of the Kingsley women, Valentina, more than two hundred years ago. If that wasn’t troubling enough, Alix must deal with the arrogant (and extremely good-looking) architect Jared Montgomery, who is living in the property’s guesthouse.

Unbeknown to Alix, Jared has been charged with looking after her while she lives on the island–an easy task for him, considering the undeniable chemistry between the two. But Jared harbors secrets of his own, which, if revealed, may drive a wedge between the pair.

With a glorious Nantucket wedding on the horizon, sparks fly, and the ghosts of the past begin to reveal themselves–some of them literally. Finding their lives inextricably entwined with the turbulent fortunes of their ancestors, Alix and Jared discover that only by righting the wrongs of the past can they hope to be together.

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I have been reading Jude Deveraux’s books for a very long time now.  I enjoyed some more that others, and ‘True Love’ is now on the list with the ones that I very much enjoyed!

The story takes place in Nantucket where Alix Madsen, a freshly graduated architect student,  is to spend a year in the Kinsley Mansion.  Adelaide Kinsley passed away and states in her will that Alix Madesen can spend one year in her house, which upsets Jared Montgomery immensely, since the house was supposed to go to him upon his aunt’s death!

Addy (Adelaide) also states in her will that she would like Alix to find out what happened to Valentina, the love of Caleb’s life.  Valentina disappeared centuries before and no one knows what happened to her.

Jared is somewhat of a superstar among architect, and has a very successful business in New York.  Before Alix is to arrive in Nantucket Jared tells his grandfather Caleb, which by the way is Jared’s grandfather that has been dead for 200 years, that he is leaving the island and going to New York before she gets there.

Jared doesn’t want to be a teacher to a newly graduated Alix, and he feels that if he stays in Nantucket that is what he will be.  When Jared meets Alix for the first time, and talks to her, it seems that the notion to leave Nantucket while she is there goes out the window.

There is definite chemistry between Alix and Jared, but Jared treats Alix like her father would treat her.  He promised Alix’s father that he would ‘keep his hands off of his daughter’ during her stay on the island.  Ken, Alix’s father doesn’t want his daughter getting hurt, since Jared is know as somewhat of a lady’s man and a playboy.

If you enjoy a little mystery, a ghost, a big family and some reincarnation mixed in with your romance then you will enjoy reading True Love!  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I am waiting patiently for the second one in the trilogy.  The characters were well developed and I like ‘all’ of them.  I was never confused with who’s who in this book, and it was easy to follow.

Mrs Deveraux does such a wonderful job of describing Nantucket that I found myself searching Google just so I could see pictures of it.  It made me want to go visit!

Happy Reading!


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*I received an ARC copy from Net Galley on behalf of the publisher.  I was not required to give a review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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