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Giveaway & Review: Dragon Knight’s Shield (Order of the Dragon Knight’s Book 4) by Mary Morgan

Dragon Knight’s Shield
by Mary Morgan
Order of the Dragon Knight’s, Book 4
Published by The Wild Rose Press
315 pages
Format Reviewed:  ARC by Author
Release Date:  January 8, 2016
Angus MacKay, leader of the Dragon Knights, failed his brothers and his clan upon the death of his sister. Now he must fight the darkness of despair tempting his soul. Back on Scottish soil, he comes face to face with Deirdre who can wield a sword as mightily as his warriors, and he takes her captive. Yet, with each passing day, the fire dragon inside him roars to claim the one woman fate has destined for him. 
Famed mystery writer, Deirdre Flanagan, is unprepared for the next chapter in her life. On a vacation to Scotland, she steps through the mists and enters into a skirmish alongside a Highlander. However, the fight has only begun, and now she must battle Angus as well as evil in order to claim the love of this Dragon Knight. 
Will their love be powerful enough to shield them from danger, or burn them to ashes? 



He arched a brow and his smile became seductive. “Do I frighten ye?” 

“No!” she lied. Like hell you do! You’re as gorgeous as sin standing there, and I want to rip your clothes from your body.

Pushing off from the wall, he stepped into the room and silently closed the door behind him, his eyes never leaving hers. His hair hung in soft waves past his shoulders, and her fingers itched to twine within them. Her body ached in places so deep—longing for even the slightest touch.  

“Are ye unwell, my lady?” 

The burr of his voice so low—so sexy, she could only stare at him until his words resonated in her mind. “No,” she replied softly, feeling the flames of desire heat not only her face, but also her entire body. 

This time when he took another step closer, Deirdre didn’t back away. Now he stood so close she could feel the warmth of his breath across her face—a mix of wine and pure male.

She watched mesmerized as he reached for a lock of her hair, twining it around his finger. “So verra soft.” 

Deirdre couldn’t breathe, as he let the curl unravel and cupped her face in his hands. “Ye confuse me. Ye torment me in my dreams,” he whispered against her cheek, sending a wave of pleasure down her spine.

Without thought, she groaned and leaned into him—his beard grazing her cheek. She no longer battled her mind for the man. “Kiss me, Angus.”


‘It will take a love more powerful than he can imagine to return his soul to the Knight he was destined to become.  Nonetheless, once he claims the ultimate prize, the question remains, will his love consume them both, or will he walk away, leaving only ashes of what could have been their destiny.’

I absolutely love the cover of this book.  Angus MacKay just may be my new book boyfriend.  The shield is stunning, and in his hands it is magical.  (sigh)

Dragon Knight’s Shield is the 4th book in the ‘Order of the Dragon Knight’s‘ series.  This is Angus MacKay’s story.  Angus is the eldest Dragon Knight brother, and he blames himself for his sisters death.  He feels he did not teach them control, which lead to their sisters death.  Therefore he doesn’t feel he deserves happiness or peace, so he hides refusing to ever go home.

This series keeps getting better, and better.  Mary Morgan has done it again, but better this time.  If that is possible.  

Deirdre Flanagan can wield a sword and fight as good as any man.  She can protect herself, and is no wilting wallflower.  I loved Deidra for those qualities.  Deirdre is also a writer, and desperately needs some down time.  She gets the opportunity when her friends give her a vacation to Scotland for her birthday.  It is here where the story gets interesting.  While taking a walk in Scotland a mist suddenly appears, and Deirdre losing her sense of direction, walks right into Medieval Scotland and Angus MacKay.

With this little mishap Deirdre will set off on a journey that will either unite the Dragon Knights or break her heart.  If you enjoy historical romance, time travel, dragons, and magic this book will not disappoint you.  I was not bored for one second while reading this book.  The characters are strong, and the plot is packed with action.  There is a nice surprise thrown in here and there that will keep you wanting more!

I can’t wait to see what Mary Morgan has in store for the next book.

 5 Stars
Hot Factor Explicit sex scenes, that are tastefully done.
Curse WordsThere are a few curse words, but nothing vulgar.

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RWAB:  For those that may not be familiar with you or your books, could you please tell us a little bit about yourself, and how you came to write your first book?
MM:  I write Scottish Paranormal Time-travel Romance. The idea for the Dragon Knights started on my first trip to Scotland in 2000. I was sitting on a boulder in the Highlands (Newtonmore), surrounded by sheep, mists, and ghosts from the past. My mind started to weave the tale of this Order of Highlanders who were not your ordinary type of men.  

RWAB:  What do you like most about Angus MacKay, and least?  
MM: I love his sense of duty—his honor. Yet, I was frustrated at his fixation on controlling. He’s always trying to maintain control of everything and everyone. 

RWAB:  If Deirdre Flanagan (Dragon Knight’s Shield) could give us any advice on men, what would she say?
MM: Find a man that will stand beside you—not in back and not in front. A partner in love and life. 

RWAB:  What kind of research before starting a book (if any), and if so what kind?
MM: Ooo…I love doing research! It’s fascinating! With each of my stories, I had to do some historical research. I have many books on Scotland and Ireland—from maps, clans, history, cookbooks, and magazines. I start with those first, and then I’m pulling up information on the web from Scottish historical sites. Sometimes, I can gather information within two to three days. Other times, a week. It all depends on the story.  

RWAB:  Where do you write?  Do you have a daily schedule, or do you just write when the mood strikes?
MM: I write in this wonderful corner in my bedroom. There is a huge window overlooking my garden and it’s peaceful. Yes, I have a daily schedule. I write six days a week and on Sundays, I edit what I’ve written. The mood to write is always there.  

RWAB:  Do you have any plans to write another book in the Dragon Knight’s Series, or is this the last book?  
MM: I’m finishing the last book in the series. It will wrap up everything nicely, and I believe my readers will be in for surprise when they find out the hero and heroine. 

RWAB:  When you are not writing, what kind of books do you like to read?  
MM: I love Science fiction fantasy, historical novels, and non-fiction history. It all depends on my mood, but I’ve been known to read several at the same time.

RWAB:  Is there a question you have you always wanted to be asked in an interview?  If so, what is the question, and what is the answer?
MM: There really haven’t been any questions that I’ve wanted someone to ask me. J

Just for Fun

RWAB:  If time travel were possible, and you could travel back in time, where would you go, what time period?  Why?
MM: Wow! So many centuries and places. However, the first century I would want to visit would be 7th century Scotland—Urquhart Castle. I have always wanted to see the foundations of this place. How did it start? From there, I would time-travel to 11th century Ireland to speak with Brian Boru, the last King of Ireland. He was one of the greatest kings of Ireland and led the Irish to the peak of their Golden Age—art, poetry, saints and scholars.
About Mary Morgan
Scottish paranormal romance author, Mary Morgan resides in Northern California, with her own knight in shining armor. However, during her travels to Scotland, England, and Ireland, she left a part of her soul in one of these countries and vows to return. 
Mary’s passion for books started at an early age along with an overactive imagination. She spent far too much time daydreaming and was told quite often to remove her head from the clouds. It wasn’t until the closure of Borders Books where Mary worked that she found her true calling–writing romance. Now, the worlds she created in her mind are coming to life within her stories. 
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Author Interview & Review: My Highland Bride (Highland Hearts, Book 2) by Maeve Greyson (Giveaway)

My Highland Bride
Highland Hearts, Book 2
by Maeve Greyson
Releasing August 25th, 2015
Published by Loveswept 
262 pages
Format:  Net Galley eBook
Book Blurb
Perfect for fans of the Highlander novels of Karen Marie Moning and Janet Chapman, Southern sass meets Highland heat in Maeve Greyson’s scintillating new Highland Hearts romance.
With bedroom eyes and racetrack curves, Kenna Sinclair seems like just another pretty Kentucky girl. But she can also read minds, erase memories, and jump through time—a skill set that comes in handy when her matchmaking granny sends her back to thirteenth-century Scotland on the pretext of visiting her older sister. When she encounters the clan’s womanizing man-at-arms, Kenna instantly knows the gorgeous Highlander has only one thing on his mind. She vows to steer clear of him, but after a single electrifying touch, she finds that playing hard to get won’t be quite so easy. . . .
Bewitched by the first lass who could ever resist him, Colum Garrison will do anything to prove his devotion, even ask for Kenna’s hand in marriage—and swear off his chosen form of recreation until their wedding night. It’s a burden for a man of his thunderous appetite, but the sinful temptation is not his alone: Colum’s fetching bride-to-be is practically trembling with anticipation for a moment that can’t come soon enough. When she’s willing, Colum will be ready and waiting—with a love that lasts a lifetime.
Highland Bride
Highland Hearts Series
Me:  Could you please tell us a wee bit about yourself? 
MB:  Hmm…I never really know what to say when I’m asked about myself. You see—my characters are so much more interesting. I’m an introverted daydreaming animal lover who can often be found tiptoeing through the woods that make up our five acres, trying to catch a picture of the wild turkeys, the deer or the ground hog (his name is Hamish) that pilfer out of the bird feeders. I’m a mom and a ya-ya (grandma). I highly recommend grandchildren. Now, I get to be the beloved hero who supplies toys and candy and their parents get to be the bad guys!

Me:  What inspired you to write your first book?
MB:  I started writing short little bits of what-not when my mother’s health failed and she sorely needed an escape from reality. I never wrote a full length book until I was trying to pass the time while waiting for one of my favorite authors to release her next book. I love a good series but I have NO patience and I gobbled up the stories entirely too quickly back then—especially since that was well over twenty years ago when consecutive books in a series might release each year or two, if you were lucky. So, I busied myself with creating my own world in which to disappear.

Me:  How do you go about choosing names for your characters?
MB:  Baby name books and websites for unusual names helps. Usually, I’ll start writing the story before I choose a name and just put “xxx” throughout until my character tells me, “Hey! My name is ‘Chieftain MacSexy’…stop typing xxx!”

Me:  What kind of research did you do when writing the Highland Hearts Series?
MB:  I wandered, or actually re-lost myself, in all the photos I’d taken of my trip to Scotland several years ago. *sigh* Then I brushed up on the thirteenth century in the Highlands and made sure my Celtic and Wiccan reference books were still on my shelves. Sometimes I loan out my books and they don’t find their way back to me.

Me:  Do you have a favorite character from this book, or the Highland Hearts Series?  Which one, and why? 
MB:  I think Granny is my favorite. She’s fearless, loves her family fiercely and would battle heaven and earth to protect them and also to make them toe the line and do what she tells them to do. 

Me:  Do you currently have any works in progress, and if so, would you mind sharing a wee bit with us?
MB:  I’m in the process of editing book three of my Highland Hearts series with Loveswept, MY TEMPTING HIGHLANDER. I’m tweaking and finishing up book four of that series and several other stories are tussling in the back of my mind trying to see who wins the battle to be written next. Picture several brawny Highlanders elbowing each other out of the way while shouting, “Pick me, lass! I wanna be next!”

Me:  Where do you write?  
MB:  Most of the time, I write in my office until Jasper, my fourteen year old rat terrier / Chihuahua mix decides he’s tired of sleeping beside me in the chair and then we move the laptop to the couch. 

Me:  Do you have a daily schedule, or do you just write when the mood strikes? 
MB:  I have a full-time day job in addition to writing so I’m up by 2:30am or 3:00am to write and “stuff” before I go into work. Then I write in the evenings and on weekends. 

Me:  Is there a question you have you always wanted to be asked in an interview?  If so, what is the question, and what is the answer? 
MB:  Question: What would you want written on your headstone to describe you to future generations?
Answer: She was kind.

Me:  When you are not writing, what kind of books do you like to read?  
MB:  I love a great story, no matter the genre. I’ll read everything from fantasy, sci-fi and young adult adventure to regency romances. I’ve got three basic rules for books I read: 1. No animals better die or be hurt. 2. It has to have a happy ending. 3. No cliff-hangers. Cliff-hangers make me crazy.

Just for Fun
Me:  If time travel were possible, and you could travel back in time, where would you go, what time period?  Why?
MB:  Scotland, of course.  The Highlands.  And anywhere between the eleventh and thirteenth centuries, because those were the centuries when he clans were strong and tradition ruled the Highlands.
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4 heart pink bckgrnd
4/ 5 Hearts

My Highland Bride is the second book I have read by Maeve Greyson, and the second book in the Highland Hearts Series.  If you haven’t read the first book, My Highland Lover, I would suggest you read that one first.  You don’t have to, but I like to read series in order, that way I know who’s who.

I enjoyed reading this book.  It was fun, and entertaining.  I have to admit that at first it had me thinking, is that all these people ever think about is sex?  I have to admit though that if Colum was standing in front of me every second of the day, my mind (and body) may wonder there also.  

If you remember in the first book Trulie was sent back in time, because it was her turn (time) to find a husband.  In this second book it is Kenna’s turn, so when Granny calls her through the fire pit she knows she has to go.  Even if she doesn’t want to.  

When Kenna goes back in time to Scotland, the first person she sees if Colum.  He was sent their my Granny Sinclair to meet her grand daughter, and bring her safely back to the castle.  Colum’s first feeling when he sees Kenna, is one of pure lust.  He sets out to charm her, and when that doesn’t work with the headstrong Kenna he sets out to bed her.  After all it shouldn’t be to hard.  He’s a ladies man and has never had trouble getting a woman to come to his bed, and he has had many.

Kenna is not falling for any of it.  She knows what Colum is after, and his type.  She is in lust with him, but that soon changes into stronger feelings as time goes on.  He seems so determined to prove to her that he can change his womanizing ways.  Then a powerful chieftain from another clan sets his sights on Kenna too, and this is where all the fun begins.  This new chieftain is not at all what he appears to be.  Here is where a test of will, and love is set into motion.

This book was my favorite kind of read.  It takes place in Scotland, it’s historical, has time travel, paranormal elements, and is full of Highlanders.  The first 1/4 of the book moves a little slowly, then picks up and doesn’t stop right up to the very end.  

Maeve Greyson has given us some spunky, and no nonsense Sinclair women.  My favorite kind of heroine!  There were a few things in this story that caught me a tiny bit off guard, and that’s what kept it interesting.

My favorite character in this story is Granny Sinclair.  She is smart, cunning, strong, funny, and when she says something everyone does it.  She reminds me a little of granny from the Beverly Hillbillies.   I enjoyed Kenna’s character, she was also strong female lead, but I feel she gave in just a tad bit to easy.  Colum was a big teddy bear, and I just wanted to hug him.  He was also somewhat of a beast too, which made me like him all the more.

I gave this book 4 hearts, because the beginning just seemed to move a tad to slowly, but by the end I was ready to start reading book three.  We get a glimpse of the third book at the end.  It is going to be an exciting one, I would imagine.  

If you enjoy reading about Highlanders, time travel, paranormal activity, with a few laugh out loud scenes, then this book is for you.  

Happy Reading!


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*I was given a free copy of this book by NetGalley on behalf of the publisher in exchange for my honest review.  All thought and opinions are my true, and my own.  
About Maeve Greyson
No one has the power to shatter your dreams unless you give it to them. That’s been Maeve Greyson’s mantra since she was a girl. When she’s not at the full time day job at the steel mill, Maeve’s writing romances about sexy Highlanders and the women who tame them. Tucked away in a five acre wood, Maeve listens to the wind singing through the trees and hears her characters telling their stories. Her work is proofed by her sharp-eyed dog, Jasper, and her greatest supporter is her long suffering husband of over thirty-five years who’s learned not to throw away any odd sticky notes filled with strange phrases.
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BREAKING NOAH by Missy Johnson and Ashley Suzanne
FORBIDDEN by Jacquelyn Frank

Nightfall by T. K. Lawyer: Author Interview & Spotlight

Title:  Nightfall
Author:  T. K. Lawyer
Publisher/Date:  Luminosity Publishing/ October 24, 2014
Series:  None
ISBN:  978-1-910397-25-1
Pages:  270


His mate-

Tamara’s spicy scent thrills, seduces and weakens him like no other.  She is his and he wants her. Unfortunately, she is done with men. Tamara’s been burned too many times in the past and she’s not looking for a relationship…..ever. But when she finds a stray dog on her doorstep she decides she wants a relationship with a male, after all- that of pet and pet owner.

Needs convincing-

Josh is not a dog and he has no interest in staying her pet.  He has one burning desire- Tamara- in his bed, nightly and permanently.  He will stop at nothing to convince Tamara they are better together and that he needs her, forever.  

Their paths are intertwined and their future is inevitable but will Tamara allow Josh to love, cherish and protect her?  Or will she say good-bye to the amazing, dedicated man whose loyalty and sweet promises could shatter her walls completely and consume her with desire?  

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1.  Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

I married my best friend fourteen years ago and I knew from our first date he was the one for me.  After a heart-wrenching break with an ex-fiancée and several bad break ups, I listed out a few qualities I wanted in the man for me and, several years later, I found him at my job.  We’ve known each other twenty years but, for me, it doesn’t seem that long.  I turned to him, recently, and said, “Next year we will be married fifteen years.  I can do another fifteen with you.”  Those who know me and have seen my high school interview tape would be astounded because I always thought I’d marry a business man and be divorced several times.  Neither of these has happened to me (knock on wood) and I am so very happy to be blessed with the man I am married to.  He compliments me in ways no man ever could.

One would think that’s where I come up with all the romance book ideas but that’s not so.  My ideas actually started out of a sense of hopelessness with my employment.  I couldn’t stand my monotonous life and lack of accomplishments and I begged for passion to be re-kindled into it and suddenly ideas started pouring into my head, everywhere.  I would get ideas while driving my car, trying to go to sleep and working out on my elliptical machine.  They wove into scenes that turned into stories and here I am, blessed to be writing them and sharing them with the world.

2.  What inspired you to write Nightfall?

I looked at my German Shepherd mix dog one day and said, “Hm, I wonder what it would be like if someone had a dog and they weren’t a dog.  And how would that ‘dog’ be affected by normal things like their owner getting undressed in front of them?”  The book skyrocketed from there.

3.  How do you go about choosing names for your characters?

I look for different, unusual names to put into my books. 

My book, Nightfall’s heroine is named Tamara, a pretty name I never see in books.  Little known fact:  Nightfall’s name was originally Eclipse but was changed at the advice of the publisher, to match the title of the book. 

For my upcoming books in the near future, I named the heroines after names my mom came up with when she was deciding what to name me.  The books that are being published after these names were exhausted are ones that either came to me, I looked up, or I remembered liking in past years.  Sometimes names come to me out of the blue and I write them down for possible future characters.  I list them out and then choose from the list, later, after reviewing the names to find out which ones fit the current characters and story.

4.  What kind of research did you do when writing Nightfall?

Hmmm.  Not really much.  Several scenes in Nightfall are from my own life.  I did; however, research names for Josh’s restaurant.  I wanted the name to fit him and who he is.  I wanted it to be a gorgeous restaurant with a breath-taking view, again taking parts of my own experiences with restaurants, and it ended up being better than I imagined. 

5.  Do you have a favorite character from this book?  Which one, and why?

I love Dee from Nightfall.  She is an amazing friend and a great counterpart to Tamara.  She compliments Tamara and is a wonderful supporting character in the book.  She is a fun-loving, ‘crazy’ but comical nut that can’t get her own love life together but can tell when true love occurs.  She is a loyal, no nonsense, tell- the- honest- truth kind of woman that anyone would be glad to have on their side.

6.  Do you currently have any works in progress, and if so, would you mind sharing a little bit with us?

I am working on a Guardian Angel series.  It’s a series of five, paranormal romance books, each featuring a guardian angel that is part of a volunteer group called the Guardian League.  The Guardian League is a small band of special angels who assist with disasters- prevention or after care- all over the world.  They also help out fellow angels when needed.  Along with their duties to their own charges, they are given missions which they carry out, individually or with other Guardian League members.  Each of the five guardian angels find love in different ways.  Their females are as unique as they are and must come to terms with loving and partnering with an angel. 

My first book in the series:  Jasper, Book One:  The Guardian League is scheduled to debut July 31st and Centurion, my 2nd in the series will be out sometime in September or October.  I am currently working on the 3rd in the series, Apollo.       

7.  Where do you write?  Do you have a daily schedule, or do you just write when the mood strikes?

I usually write at night or on the weekends, on my laptop on the kitchen table at home.

Lately, I’ve been pretty lazy and have been writing when the mood strikes but, normally, I do a little of both.  When I am on a deadline, I schedule out my days.  Since I work full-time in an office job, my schedule runs several hours a night, after work, or several long hours on a weekend day.  It can get pretty hectic and overwhelming at times but in the end, it is what I love doing so it’s worth it. 

8.  Is there a question you have you always wanted to be asked in an interview?  If so, what is the question, and what is the answer?

Q:  What is different about your books from other Paranormal Romance books?

A:  I wanted to write books that weren’t based in space or on other worlds no one’s ever seen or heard of.  My books are based on Earth with characters that deal with real, every day, “human” situations and life occurrences.  

For instance, my angels come down to Earth and they date humans, on Earth. They do ordinary things that human beings do in the process of getting to know someone.  They go to movie theaters, go out to eat, attend theme parks and even drive cars when necessary.  Also, almost of the heroines in my books are larger, plus-size females.  I made them purposely this way because females of all sizes should be able to find true love, especially with a gorgeous, hard-bodied, loyal male who can’t wait to please them.  Larger women aren’t portrayed much in books and when they are, the theme doesn’t always seem to revolve around love.  I wanted my female characters to experience true love and to be real women with real insecurities. 

My wolf shifters are single, alpha males who find their mates by their unique scents but once they do- look out- because they will do anything for the females who have captured their hearts.  They also will do anything to keep their mates. Just like my angels, my wolf shifters date, go to hockey games; celebrate holidays and birthdays all while running their own businesses and living their own lives.   

9.  When you are not writing, what kind of books do you like to read?I don’t really have much time for reading but when I do it is usually a magazine. Some of my favorite magazines are:  Prevention, Entrepreneur (I’ve always loved Business), Shape and Self.   I will, occasionally, unwind by reading parts of books until I can’t keep my eyes open.  Most of the books I enjoy are paranormal romance or erotica genres. Just for Fun

10. If time travel were possible, and you could travel back in time, where would you go, what time period?  Why?

This is a tough question because I’m pretty happy with my life and the way things are.  I really don’t have a desire to time travel anywhere but, I guess, if I had the opportunity and I had to go somewhere, I wouldn’t mind being in a ballroom in the Victorian Age.  Dancing was life among Victorian women and it was all that they lived for, it seems.  I have always been drawn to Victorian items, the beautiful dresses, the carriages, the smart looking men.  I’d love to be in the background listening to the live music, watching the couples dance and watching the exchange and interplay among the guests that was an important part in the social life of so many individuals which carved the perceptions of society on those individuals.
“We’re here,” she muttered with a weary tone to her voice while shifting the car into park. She glanced into the rearview mirror, squeaked out a small cry and nearly jumped out of her seat.
“Oh my God, what are you doing?”
She pointed at the contents of her purse strewn across the back seat and onto the floor. He lunged forward placing his paws onto the middle console and leaned his face dangerously close to hers. The beginning of sharp, white teeth followed the long, pointed muzzle, ending in what looked like a grin. His warm breath tickled and teased her mouth.
Calm down, Tamara.  He’ll sense your nervousness.
His jaw opened and a shiny object fell onto her lap. She looked at the promise ring her last boyfriend gave her. Huh. She’d forgotten about it. The relationship ended over a year ago and she should’ve pawned it, sold it, or simply tossed it straight into the ocean, but now the dog found it. She held the ring between two fingers and turned it in her hand, watching the three single diamonds shine brightly in the sunlight.
Words flowed into her mind. She widened her eyes as she stared into the amber-gold irises beside her, studying her with interest.
I smelled a man’s scent. Why do you still have the ring? You should get rid of it.
Where were these words coming from? They weren’t hers. It sounded like the dog was talking to her but nooo…the dog couldn’t talk to her, could it? It wasn’t a dog version of Mr. Ed. What made her think the dog could talk? Dogs don’t talk. Was she out of her mind? Boy, she was losing it.
The dog snorted and huffed, turning his head side to side disturbed by something. He growled, snorted and the strange voice flowed through her mind again.
I don’t want you with other men. You’re mine.
“Who’s talking to me?” She looked over at the dog. Wow. She was ready for the funny farm, all right. This dog couldn’t be speaking to her. He didn’t even move his lips.
Wriggling her left arm behind her, she silently but swiftly unlocked the door. Leaning over, she threw it wide open, trying to escape from the car and from the dog. Instead, she got tangled up under the steering wheel and her body fell backward in the process. The dog landed, partly on top of her, jumped across her body, licked her cheek, and pounced out the door as she screamed.
She turned in her seat and looked at the formidable, furry being staring at her through the open doorway. “Oh God.” Her raspy breathing struggled and strained to return to its steady, normal cadence.
About T. K. Lawyer

Welcome to my world….

I believe in Love and Romance.

My characters aren’t perfect.  They’re skewed, flawed, and emotional.  They’ve dealt with real life circumstances and have survived and now they’re living their lives, thinking their lives are complete when fate hits them square in the chest with something they’ve never experienced- True Love.
Almost all of my female characters wear plus sizes.  These are real, genuine women with normal hurdles in their way:  insecurities, trust issues, lack of faith but these women are survivors and they are snarky, fiery, feisty wildcats who allure and captivate their sexy mates, forever.  The women aren’t angels but their mates might be and their mates will do anything to keep them in their lives.
My male characters are alphas, strong men, tough enough to handle their women’s wicked ways while gentle enough to reward and pleasure them, too.  Love is at the core of all my books and each couple is rewarded with a happy ending because that’s how love should be….. Everlasting and True.


This is your invitation.  Step into my world and explore the unique stories I create.
****   I love writing but I also love hearing from my readers.  I have several books in the works for the future including two Angel series and four more wolf-shifter books.
Author Contact Links
Website * Facebook * Twitter * Goodreads
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Author Interview & Giveaway: Highlander Redeemed (Guardians of the Targe) by Laurin Wittig

Title:  Highlander Redeemed
Series:  Guardians of the Targe
Author:  Laurin Wittig
Genre:  Medieval Romance
Publication Date:  May 12, 2015
Length:  272 words/ 86,500 words
Publisher:  Montlake Romance
Cover Artist:  Regina Wamba

Book Synopsis

Scotia MacAlpin may be only eighteen years old, but she’s no stranger to trouble. Her latest incident—which resulted in a death and forced her clan into battle—has made her an outcast among her exiled people. Scotia is tired of being ignored and trapped in the shadow of her sister, a gifted Guardian of the Targe; and she’s become hell-bent on destroying the army out to capture the ancient Highland relic for their English king.

Duncan of Dunlairig has looked out for Scotia since she started to walk. She was as restless and reckless then as she is now—only the stakes have become higher and more perilous. While the rest of Clan MacAlpin ostracizes her, he secretly helps Scotia become the warrior she yearns to be. But the real test of her skills may come when Duncan needs her help—and her long-forgotten heart—in this thrilling and romantic Guardians of the Targe tale.

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1.  Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself? I grew up in the deep, deep, South (Mississippi) but have spent most of my life in the mid-Atlantic, in and around Washington, DC, and Virginia. I’ve lived in six states and DC, and have lived briefly in Paris, London, and Rabat, Morocco. Thanks to my mom, who ran a travel agency when I was a child, I’ve also traveled through most countries in central and southern Europe as well as taken an incredible trip to Israel, all when I was eleven. I’ve been to Scotland twice – not nearly enough, even though I spend five days a week there in my imagination. I used to be able to speak French pretty well, but it’s gotten very rusty. I love technology, history, walking in the woods, teaching, and of course I adore writing. I used to teach computer classes, and Jamestown history to school groups, but now, when I can find the time, I teach writing workshops. Traveling more internationally is at the top of my bucket list.

I’ve been married for thirty years to the love of my life; have two great children who make me very proud; and a small dog who runs the house. And I get to spend my days writing my stories for my fabulous readers. Ah, it’s a great life!
2.  What inspired you to write your first book?
It started almost as a dare. One night, shortly after we were married, I was complaining to my husband about how bad a book was. After the gripping had gone on for a little while he looked at me and asked, “Why don’t you write your own?” He probably said it to get me to quit grousing, but the simple question revealed a dream I didn’t even know I had. It had never occurred to me that I could be a writer, a spinner of tales. In my head authors were mystical beings, not simple humans like me. Fortunately I discovered, after quite a few years spent learning how to tell a good story, that I was one of those people I so revered. I published my first novel in September 2001, about 13 years after that simple question.
3.  How do you choose the names for your characters?
I start by figuring out where in Scotland I’m going to set a story, then I look for clans that lived in that area in medieval times. Once I get the family names settled I start looking for interesting first names that aren’t overused (as much as possible) or that have some meaning that fits one of my characters. In this book, Highlander Redeemed, I chose the name Scotia for my heroine, the bratty youngest of my three heroines in the Guardians of the Targe series.  Her name comes from the name the Roman’s called Ireland, which in the middle ages came to mean Scotland. But, I also discovered that Scotia is a Celtic name of a warrior goddess and that fit Scotia MacAlpin perfectly.
4.  What kind of research did you do for this book?
One of the nice things about writing a series is that you only really have to do the research once, so most of that was done before I wrote the first book, Highlander Betrayed, but there are always details that I have to find as I go along. In Highlander Redeemed, for example, I needed to figure out how many ships it would take to get my English detachment from northern England to Oban, Scotland, and how long it would take to make the journey. I happen to have a son who spent four years working as a costumed interpreter at Jamestown Settlement on the (reproduction) 17th century ships (yes, he and I are both a little geeky about history). So I asked him what sort of ships my detachment might have available to them in the early 1300s, how many would be needed, and how long it would take to make the journey. He’s a college student studying anthropology and art history, so his research skills and resources are much better than mine for this sort of thing. It took him a couple of days to get back to me. He had researched what sorts of cargo ships would have been around, compared them size-wise to the ships he was familiar with to ascertain how many men, horses, gear, food, etc. could be reasonably carried on one, and what their average speed was, then found a website that helped him calculate the distance, and thus the duration of a probable voyage. I needed a little more time in the story than it would have taken, so I threw in a storm at sea and the need to avoid other ships, and voila, I had the details I needed. I love having a research assistant. I pay him in home cooked meals when he comes home for visits.
5.  Do you have a favorite character from one of your books?  Which one, and why?
That’s a little like asking a mother which child is her favorite! For a long time Catriona in Charming the Shrew has been my favorite. She had been the most fun to write—tough on the outside but vulnerable on the inside with a sharp mind and a sharp tongue to match. Tayge had been the perfect, charming hero for her and I loved watching her become her true self with him. And then I wrote Highlander Redeemed. I think Scotia has taken over as my favorite character now, but only by a little. Scotia is another tough on the outside, vulnerable on the inside character, but she’s also been spoiled her whole life and has a bad habit of acting before thinking. She’s gotten her clan into bad trouble, but she’s determined to get them out of it again, and she’s equally determined to redeem herself no matter what it costs her. In this story I paired her with a gentle warrior who understands her as no one else does. She has a lot more growing up to do than Catriona did, and she does it with a fierce determination that I really admire. But shh, don’t tell Catriona she’s second favorite now!
6.  Do you currently have any works in progress, and if so, could you share a little with us?
I wrote the Guardians of the Targe series so fast (three novels plus an extra novella in less than two years—very fast for me) that I’ve been taking a bit of a hiatus since I turned Highlander Redeemed in at the end of 2014. I’m currently working on a completely different story, not even a romance, but soon I’ll turn my attention back to medieval Scotland where I’ll return to my stormy MacLeods of the Legacy of MacLeod series for a long awaited third book. There are three more MacLeod brothers who were sent off to war in Charming the Shrew that are overdue to get their own stories so there’s lots of opportunities for romance there. I’ve also got several novellas I want to write, one is a spin off of Highlander Redeemed, one in my Kilmartin Glen series, and possibly a prequel to the MacLeod books. I’m not sure when those will get done, though!
7.  Where do you write, and do you have a daily schedule or do you write when inspiration strikes?
I have a lovely home office, but I write on my laptop in a local coffee shop inside a grocery store. My home office is where I take care of the business side of writing. At the coffee shop, which has very unpredictable wi-fi – a plus for this distractible writer, I write five days a week, generally 9:30 to 12:30, and most days one or two writing friends join me at the coffee shop. We keep each other accountable to show up and work. I used to wait for inspiration but I found that was a really hard way to write because I’d lose track of the story between those rare moments of inspiration and waste the inspiration on re-reading what I’d already written in order to get back into the story. What I’ve learned, thanks in large part to deadlines, is that if I show up at the keyboard everyday, inspiration follows me there, and I never lose the thread of the story.
9.  Is there a question you have you always wanted to be asked in an interview?  If so, what is the question, and what is the answer?
The question: What makes you happy?
The answer: The sound of my children laughing together, family card games at the lake in Maine, getting notes from my readers, cooking with my husband and son (daughter hasn’t gotten the cooking bug yet!), long talks with my girlfriends, and a great day of writing. Oh, and a large, soft, oatmeal raisin cookie.
10.  Just for fun:  If you were stranded on a deserted island, and could pick only 3 necessities to have with you, what would they be?”
My husband—he’s definitely a necessity! A machete—a very useful tool. A cast iron pot. Can you tell I watch Survivor? My imagination would of course by my biggest necessity and my most useful tool!
Thanks for great questions and for hosting me on your blog today!
Duncan braced himself for the verbal battle to come, but before he could make himself known, Scotia began to move, hesitantly and without her usual grace, but so focused on her task he could almost taste her determination. She watched her feet, letting her weapons go slack in her hands. Even so, he quickly recognized the exercise Malcolm had been teaching the lads a few days ago. She shook her head, then started the series of moves again, talking to herself just under her breath. She repeated the process over and over until, all of a sudden, she flew through the short exercise as if it were a dance she had known her entire life, thrusting, parrying, spinning, attacking the dirt clad roots of a toppled tree. The sharp sound of wood on wood reverberated through the forest like a woodpecker hammering on a hollow log. 
His breath caught in his chest. She was magnificent. Beautiful. Strong.
She fought as if demons threatened her life.
And Duncan could not take his eyes off her. She was everything he would expect her to be if he did not know her so well.
About Laurin Laurin Wittig was indoctrinated into her Scottish heritage at birth when her parents chose her oddly spelled name from a plethora of Scottish family names. At ten, Laurin attended her first MacGregor clan gathering with her grandparents, and her first ceilidh (kay-lee), a Scottish party, where she danced to the bagpipes with the hereditary chieftain of the clan. At eleven, she visited Scotland for the first time and it has inhabited her imagination ever since. 
She writes bestselling and award-winning Scottish medieval romances and lives in southeastern Virginia. For more information about all of Laurin’s books, visit
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Interview With Author of, Love In A Dangerous Season, Gloria Gay & Book Spotlight
Book Information

Title– Love In A Dangerous Season
Author– Gloria Gay
Genre– Regency Romance
Publication Date–  January 21, 2015
Length– 192 Pages
Publisher– Amazon Kindle Direct
Cover Artist– Killion Group
Book Description
For her insulting behavior toward the Earl of Ashcom, on whom her family depends for subsistence, beautiful Fantine Delmere earns for herself an unwanted London season and is forced to leave her beloved Evergreen and venture into the hard glare of the heartless haut ton she abhors. But Fantine’s arrival awakens jealousies and dangerous forces are put into motion…


Purchase Links

Amazon US * Amazon CA * Amazon UK * Season Regency Romance



1.  Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m married, with three grown children (two girls and a boy) and have six grandchildren. My husband and I live in San Diego, California and we are extremely lucky to have our children and grandchildren all living in the same city. I have published a few Regency romances both on my own as well as with publishers. I have two Regency romances with Boroughs Publishing Group (Scandal at Almack’s and Lovely Little Liar).

2.  What inspired you to write your first book?

I was in a girl’s Catholic academy and was given a novel as a prize for excellence in art work and that was the first taste I had of fiction. My dad worked for the State Department and we were transferred to El Paso, Texas. I became a bookworm in the sixth grade and thought that the small narrow library in my school was a gateway to faraway places and exciting adventures that were just there waiting for me. I read all of the Nancy Drew books that little library had as well as all the other girl detective series I could find. From there I went on to a Gothic romance addiction. After reading “Rebecca” I wrote to Daphne DuMaurier and asked her if Manderley was real or imagined. She wrote back very graciously, telling me she and her husband had managed to obtain a 20-year lease on the house (Menabilly) that had been the initial inspiration for the novel. She even included some snapshots!

So, the first book I ever wrote was a Gothic romance (still unpublished) but I went back to it recently and I’m re-writing it, so maybe I’ll publish it in the near future. From gothics I went on to Regency romances because I felt that Gothic romances had a lot of mystery but little romance. Even now, all my regencies have a lot of mystery and suspense threaded through the romance – the influence of my love of Gothics!


3.  How to you choose your hero and heroines names?

Some of them just pop up in my mind when I’m starting a book but others I choose carefully. For instance, in “Love In a Dangerous Season” the heroine’s name is Fantine. My aunt/god-mother’s name was Fantine and I always thought that was a pretty name and rare. Since I wanted my heroine to have a distinctive name because she had a unique impulsive character (that got her into trouble), I chose that name for her.


4.  What kind of research did you do for this book?

As far as Regencies go I have read hundreds of them so I know the period well and I’m constantly going back to my personal research library of sites that I have formed throughout the year, many of them through the advice of the Beaumonde Society site to which I belong.


5.  Do you have a favorite character from one of your books? Which one, and why?

Fantine Delmere of Love In A Dangerous Season is a favorite of mine as well as Cecilia Sentenell from Kissed In the Dark. I also have a particular fondness for Violet Welsh, a secondary character of Kissed In the Dark, so much so that I developed a book for her (Known to All) in order to tell her story!


6. Do you currently have any works in progress, and if so, could you share a little with us?

I’m in the last stages of my Regency romance, Enchanted Summer which will be published under Amazon Kindle. It’s always fun to arrive at the last correction stage and start thinking of the cover.


7.  Where do you write, and do you have a daily schedule or do you write when inspiration strikes?

I have half of a room set up for writing and throughout the day, whenever I have something to say I jot it down. I write a lot initially when an idea strikes. Then the book lies dormant for a while, while parts of it brew in my head. I think the more you write and think about a book the more you are able to arrive at solutions to plot problems and the better you get at it. And it doesn’t matter if a lot of what you write you cut out. Nothing in writing goes to waste, even the parts you cut out are useful, because those parts led you to other more appropriate parts that you were able to use in the book.
That’s the way I work (seat of the pants for I have never been able to write an outline). Usually I start out with a scene that pops into my head – J – a bit crazy but it’s a method that works for me.


9.  Is there a question you have you always wanted to be asked in an interview? If so, what is the question, and what is the answer?

My question to myself would be, do you become very attached to some of your characters?

Very much so! As I said before, not only was Violet Welsh (later to become Violet Durbin) one of my favorite characters, but I had no idea that when I developed her character solely so that she would alert the heroine of the plot against her that I was to become so invested in her life that I wrote a whole book about her! I just felt that she deserved a better future and I wanted to give it to her in her own book!

I also became very fond of Lord Wilbur in Forced Offer and even though he could not end up with the heroine although he loved her just as much as the hero did, I’ve always felt that I should tell Lord Wilbur’s story in another book that maybe would include Irene as the heroine. Well, maybe in the future.

10.  Just for fun: If you were stranded on a deserted island, and could pick only 3 necessities to have with you, what would they be?

Number one: my hubby.
Number two: a large supply of ice-cold beer. (Not possible, right?).
Number three: a manual typewriter with a case of paper and typing ribbons (maybe from a shipwreck) and drawing paper and pencils.




About Author Gloria Gay

From an early age I was drawn to painting and writing. Both have always been linked for me throughout the different stages of my life—studies, work, marriage, children, grand-children. Curiously enough it was a novel given to me as a prize for art excellence at the Catholic nuns’ academy where I studied through sixth grade that I was introduced to literature. Up until that time I only knew books as history, math, etc. Those nuns were very strict: novels only as a prize! I was amazed that a book could open doors into imagined worlds. I probably thought, as a nine-year-old, that movies just appeared on the screen by magic.

From that day forth I would make up stories to tell my brothers and my sister. Later on I started to put the stories down on paper. Then among the many novels I read I started one day to read “Rebecca” by Daphne Du Maurier. That first line in the novel: “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again…” was the spark that drew me toward serious writing, first the Gothic novels popular at the time and then when I searched for more romance than mystery, to the novels of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer.

Regency romance became my genre and I self-published four, then two more with a traditional publisher, Boroughs Publishing Group, and  two with Amazon’s Kindle Direct. And although I will probably always write Regencies, I am also branching out to romantic suspense and will soon be publishing two of those and, hopefully, re-write the first Gothic novel I wrote and abandoned many years ago.

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Fantine struggled in Ashcom’s arms as he pressed his mouth to hers, but to no avail. Her strength pitted against his was but a sigh to a powerful gale. Then even against her will she felt her treacherous lips responding hungrily to his bruising lips that tasted of recently sipped coffee and felt a rush of passion course madly through her limbs as he parted her lips forcibly and thrust his tongue into her mouth.

A thrilling rush of sensation shot out throughout her body, making her listless.
For a while he kissed her, hard and with a desperate hunger answered in measure by Fantine. He tasted the chocolate in her mouth and inhaled the sweet light scent he had chosen for her. He felt a tremor shoot out in sparks throughout his body and a strong response in his loins.Hating his reaction to her and his weakening resolve, he let go of her suddenly and still holding her by her shoulders looked angrily into her eyes.”Have you ever been kissed by a moneyed title, Miss Delmere? Well now you have.” And with that he turned on his heel and strode out of the breakfast room.


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