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Hello!  My name is Angela, and I call Houston, TX home.  I live with my husband and our 4 dogs, Molly, Honeybee, Pepe & Sammy.  Molly is a mini Sch-noodle, Honeybee is a longhair Chihuahua, Pepe is a Maltese mix and Sammy is a Deer-head Chihuahua.  I absolutely adore each one of them. They help keep me sane.

I have 2 children, that do not live at home, Jacquelyn & Vincent.  They are off living their lives and doing their own thing.  They’re doing it pretty well too!  I am very proud of both of them.

Molly, Honeybee, Pepe, Sammy and I spend most of our days together, working.  Well I am the one working and they just lay around waiting for me to get finished.




I love to read, hence this blog.  I always have a book with me and sometimes my Kindle too.  I have been known to stay up way to late to finish a book I just CAN’T put down!

My favorite genre to read is Historical Romance and if there is a Highlander and time travel involved, well that makes it better!  The very first Historical Romance I read was ‘A Kingdom of Dream’ by Judith McNaught, given to me by my Grandmother in Law.  I was hooked after that. I have that book on my shelf and read it at least once a year.  I am no sure if anyone writes books like that anymore.

I enjoy reading contemporary romance, paranormal romance (but absolutely no vampires or werewolves or the like).  I also enjoy some mystery, christian, biographical, poetry and more just as long as it interest me and there is a GOOD story involved.

If you have any thoughts or questions, feel free share them with me.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Reading!


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