Nightfall by T. K. Lawyer: Author Interview & Spotlight

Title:  Nightfall
Author:  T. K. Lawyer
Publisher/Date:  Luminosity Publishing/ October 24, 2014
Series:  None
ISBN:  978-1-910397-25-1
Pages:  270


His mate-

Tamara’s spicy scent thrills, seduces and weakens him like no other.  She is his and he wants her. Unfortunately, she is done with men. Tamara’s been burned too many times in the past and she’s not looking for a relationship…..ever. But when she finds a stray dog on her doorstep she decides she wants a relationship with a male, after all- that of pet and pet owner.

Needs convincing-

Josh is not a dog and he has no interest in staying her pet.  He has one burning desire- Tamara- in his bed, nightly and permanently.  He will stop at nothing to convince Tamara they are better together and that he needs her, forever.  

Their paths are intertwined and their future is inevitable but will Tamara allow Josh to love, cherish and protect her?  Or will she say good-bye to the amazing, dedicated man whose loyalty and sweet promises could shatter her walls completely and consume her with desire?  

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1.  Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

I married my best friend fourteen years ago and I knew from our first date he was the one for me.  After a heart-wrenching break with an ex-fiancée and several bad break ups, I listed out a few qualities I wanted in the man for me and, several years later, I found him at my job.  We’ve known each other twenty years but, for me, it doesn’t seem that long.  I turned to him, recently, and said, “Next year we will be married fifteen years.  I can do another fifteen with you.”  Those who know me and have seen my high school interview tape would be astounded because I always thought I’d marry a business man and be divorced several times.  Neither of these has happened to me (knock on wood) and I am so very happy to be blessed with the man I am married to.  He compliments me in ways no man ever could.

One would think that’s where I come up with all the romance book ideas but that’s not so.  My ideas actually started out of a sense of hopelessness with my employment.  I couldn’t stand my monotonous life and lack of accomplishments and I begged for passion to be re-kindled into it and suddenly ideas started pouring into my head, everywhere.  I would get ideas while driving my car, trying to go to sleep and working out on my elliptical machine.  They wove into scenes that turned into stories and here I am, blessed to be writing them and sharing them with the world.

2.  What inspired you to write Nightfall?

I looked at my German Shepherd mix dog one day and said, “Hm, I wonder what it would be like if someone had a dog and they weren’t a dog.  And how would that ‘dog’ be affected by normal things like their owner getting undressed in front of them?”  The book skyrocketed from there.

3.  How do you go about choosing names for your characters?

I look for different, unusual names to put into my books. 

My book, Nightfall’s heroine is named Tamara, a pretty name I never see in books.  Little known fact:  Nightfall’s name was originally Eclipse but was changed at the advice of the publisher, to match the title of the book. 

For my upcoming books in the near future, I named the heroines after names my mom came up with when she was deciding what to name me.  The books that are being published after these names were exhausted are ones that either came to me, I looked up, or I remembered liking in past years.  Sometimes names come to me out of the blue and I write them down for possible future characters.  I list them out and then choose from the list, later, after reviewing the names to find out which ones fit the current characters and story.

4.  What kind of research did you do when writing Nightfall?

Hmmm.  Not really much.  Several scenes in Nightfall are from my own life.  I did; however, research names for Josh’s restaurant.  I wanted the name to fit him and who he is.  I wanted it to be a gorgeous restaurant with a breath-taking view, again taking parts of my own experiences with restaurants, and it ended up being better than I imagined. 

5.  Do you have a favorite character from this book?  Which one, and why?

I love Dee from Nightfall.  She is an amazing friend and a great counterpart to Tamara.  She compliments Tamara and is a wonderful supporting character in the book.  She is a fun-loving, ‘crazy’ but comical nut that can’t get her own love life together but can tell when true love occurs.  She is a loyal, no nonsense, tell- the- honest- truth kind of woman that anyone would be glad to have on their side.

6.  Do you currently have any works in progress, and if so, would you mind sharing a little bit with us?

I am working on a Guardian Angel series.  It’s a series of five, paranormal romance books, each featuring a guardian angel that is part of a volunteer group called the Guardian League.  The Guardian League is a small band of special angels who assist with disasters- prevention or after care- all over the world.  They also help out fellow angels when needed.  Along with their duties to their own charges, they are given missions which they carry out, individually or with other Guardian League members.  Each of the five guardian angels find love in different ways.  Their females are as unique as they are and must come to terms with loving and partnering with an angel. 

My first book in the series:  Jasper, Book One:  The Guardian League is scheduled to debut July 31st and Centurion, my 2nd in the series will be out sometime in September or October.  I am currently working on the 3rd in the series, Apollo.       

7.  Where do you write?  Do you have a daily schedule, or do you just write when the mood strikes?

I usually write at night or on the weekends, on my laptop on the kitchen table at home.

Lately, I’ve been pretty lazy and have been writing when the mood strikes but, normally, I do a little of both.  When I am on a deadline, I schedule out my days.  Since I work full-time in an office job, my schedule runs several hours a night, after work, or several long hours on a weekend day.  It can get pretty hectic and overwhelming at times but in the end, it is what I love doing so it’s worth it. 

8.  Is there a question you have you always wanted to be asked in an interview?  If so, what is the question, and what is the answer?

Q:  What is different about your books from other Paranormal Romance books?

A:  I wanted to write books that weren’t based in space or on other worlds no one’s ever seen or heard of.  My books are based on Earth with characters that deal with real, every day, “human” situations and life occurrences.  

For instance, my angels come down to Earth and they date humans, on Earth. They do ordinary things that human beings do in the process of getting to know someone.  They go to movie theaters, go out to eat, attend theme parks and even drive cars when necessary.  Also, almost of the heroines in my books are larger, plus-size females.  I made them purposely this way because females of all sizes should be able to find true love, especially with a gorgeous, hard-bodied, loyal male who can’t wait to please them.  Larger women aren’t portrayed much in books and when they are, the theme doesn’t always seem to revolve around love.  I wanted my female characters to experience true love and to be real women with real insecurities. 

My wolf shifters are single, alpha males who find their mates by their unique scents but once they do- look out- because they will do anything for the females who have captured their hearts.  They also will do anything to keep their mates. Just like my angels, my wolf shifters date, go to hockey games; celebrate holidays and birthdays all while running their own businesses and living their own lives.   

9.  When you are not writing, what kind of books do you like to read?I don’t really have much time for reading but when I do it is usually a magazine. Some of my favorite magazines are:  Prevention, Entrepreneur (I’ve always loved Business), Shape and Self.   I will, occasionally, unwind by reading parts of books until I can’t keep my eyes open.  Most of the books I enjoy are paranormal romance or erotica genres. Just for Fun

10. If time travel were possible, and you could travel back in time, where would you go, what time period?  Why?

This is a tough question because I’m pretty happy with my life and the way things are.  I really don’t have a desire to time travel anywhere but, I guess, if I had the opportunity and I had to go somewhere, I wouldn’t mind being in a ballroom in the Victorian Age.  Dancing was life among Victorian women and it was all that they lived for, it seems.  I have always been drawn to Victorian items, the beautiful dresses, the carriages, the smart looking men.  I’d love to be in the background listening to the live music, watching the couples dance and watching the exchange and interplay among the guests that was an important part in the social life of so many individuals which carved the perceptions of society on those individuals.
“We’re here,” she muttered with a weary tone to her voice while shifting the car into park. She glanced into the rearview mirror, squeaked out a small cry and nearly jumped out of her seat.
“Oh my God, what are you doing?”
She pointed at the contents of her purse strewn across the back seat and onto the floor. He lunged forward placing his paws onto the middle console and leaned his face dangerously close to hers. The beginning of sharp, white teeth followed the long, pointed muzzle, ending in what looked like a grin. His warm breath tickled and teased her mouth.
Calm down, Tamara.  He’ll sense your nervousness.
His jaw opened and a shiny object fell onto her lap. She looked at the promise ring her last boyfriend gave her. Huh. She’d forgotten about it. The relationship ended over a year ago and she should’ve pawned it, sold it, or simply tossed it straight into the ocean, but now the dog found it. She held the ring between two fingers and turned it in her hand, watching the three single diamonds shine brightly in the sunlight.
Words flowed into her mind. She widened her eyes as she stared into the amber-gold irises beside her, studying her with interest.
I smelled a man’s scent. Why do you still have the ring? You should get rid of it.
Where were these words coming from? They weren’t hers. It sounded like the dog was talking to her but nooo…the dog couldn’t talk to her, could it? It wasn’t a dog version of Mr. Ed. What made her think the dog could talk? Dogs don’t talk. Was she out of her mind? Boy, she was losing it.
The dog snorted and huffed, turning his head side to side disturbed by something. He growled, snorted and the strange voice flowed through her mind again.
I don’t want you with other men. You’re mine.
“Who’s talking to me?” She looked over at the dog. Wow. She was ready for the funny farm, all right. This dog couldn’t be speaking to her. He didn’t even move his lips.
Wriggling her left arm behind her, she silently but swiftly unlocked the door. Leaning over, she threw it wide open, trying to escape from the car and from the dog. Instead, she got tangled up under the steering wheel and her body fell backward in the process. The dog landed, partly on top of her, jumped across her body, licked her cheek, and pounced out the door as she screamed.
She turned in her seat and looked at the formidable, furry being staring at her through the open doorway. “Oh God.” Her raspy breathing struggled and strained to return to its steady, normal cadence.
About T. K. Lawyer

Welcome to my world….

I believe in Love and Romance.

My characters aren’t perfect.  They’re skewed, flawed, and emotional.  They’ve dealt with real life circumstances and have survived and now they’re living their lives, thinking their lives are complete when fate hits them square in the chest with something they’ve never experienced- True Love.
Almost all of my female characters wear plus sizes.  These are real, genuine women with normal hurdles in their way:  insecurities, trust issues, lack of faith but these women are survivors and they are snarky, fiery, feisty wildcats who allure and captivate their sexy mates, forever.  The women aren’t angels but their mates might be and their mates will do anything to keep them in their lives.
My male characters are alphas, strong men, tough enough to handle their women’s wicked ways while gentle enough to reward and pleasure them, too.  Love is at the core of all my books and each couple is rewarded with a happy ending because that’s how love should be….. Everlasting and True.


This is your invitation.  Step into my world and explore the unique stories I create.
****   I love writing but I also love hearing from my readers.  I have several books in the works for the future including two Angel series and four more wolf-shifter books.
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